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Understanding Increasing Investor Expectations for Climate Governance

Global warming has compelled corporate attention on physical climate risk and resilience building.

This webinar has been curated by Climate Governance Malaysia and is being organised in collaboration with the Institutional Investors Council to raise awareness about the fiduciary duty of all directors in addressing physical and transition risks arising from the climate crisis, which are material financial risks that represent a critical business challenge and opportunity.

Increasingly, corporations are expected to disclose the material physical, economic transition and litigation-related risks associated with climate change on their financial position, performance and prospects, in a consistent form, that would be useful for decision-making of investors, lenders and insurance underwriters.

This webinar is intended to embolden directors and boards to embark on the climate-related financial risk reporting journey sooner than later by understanding the national commitments which have been made, increasing expectations from institutional investors and how values can be invoked for action beyond the compelling science and data.