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Technical workshop on the SC’s SRI-Linked Sukuk Framework

Following the recent launch of its SRI-linked Sukuk Framework, the Securities Commission Malaysia (SC) will be organising a virtual technical workshop specifically for principal advisers involved in sustainable sukuk origination.

Sustainability-linked bonds (SLB) and sustainability-linked sukuk (SLS) are the fastest growing segment under sustainability-theme bonds. The growing interest for SLB and SLS have boosted issuance volume to USD130.2bn with 271 deals in 2021. In Malaysia, two SLS and one SLB have been issued under the International Capital Market Association’s (ICMA) SLB Principles in the last 8 months. The SC’s Framework will enable companies with sustainability goals to issue SRI-linked sukuk within a regulatory framework that is based on international standards.

This workshop will feature the Framework, core components of SRI-linked sukuk, issuer’s internal framework and developments in SLS/SLB. The workshop is intended to provide participants with an understanding of the Framework as well as gain insights into the application of SRI-linked sukuk characteristics under sukuk documents and the scope of external reviews.