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Decoding Hydrogen to support the Energy Transition

In a world shifting towards sustainable energy, an understanding of hydrogen technology imperative for financial institutions at the forefront of clean energy finance.

Governments and markets globally are recognising the potential of green hydrogen and directing significant investment towards its development. Several countries have unveiled hydrogen deployment strategies, and global enterprises are forging partnerships to invest in hydrogen projects. In Malaysia, a bold Hydrogen Roadmap has been outlined by the government, charting the nation’s course to lead in the regional hydrogen economy.

The Malaysian Sustainable Finance Initiative invites financial institutions and industry players to join our webinar on “Decoding Hydrogen to Support the Energy Transition”.

Key insights covered:

  1. An overview of hydrogen technology: definition and aspects
  2. Technical processes and systems
  3. Challenges and opportunities of hydrogen technology
  4. Financing hydrogen technology

Slides presented during the webinar is available here.