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Capturing Carbon: Understanding the CCS and CCUS Landscape

As the global focus on decarbonisation intensifies, understanding the basics of Carbon Capture, Storage and Utilisation (CCS/CCUS) is increasingly crucial for financial institutions to navigate the evolving landscape of sustainable finance.

CCS and CCUS represent a set of technologies aimed at reducing carbon dioxide emissions from industrial processes and power generation. Financial institutions play a pivotal role in supporting projects related to CCS and CCUS by providing funding and investment opportunities. and those that that comprehend the fundamentals of CCUS position themselves to make informed decisions that align with both environmental objectives and financial stability.

Capital Markets Malaysia, in collaboration with the ERM, invites financial institutions and industry players to join us for a webinar session titled ” Capturing Carbon: Understanding the CCS and CCUS Landscape”

The webinar delves into practical insights and knowledge on:

  •  An overview of CCS/CCUS: Definition and aspects
  •  Technical processes and systems
  • Challenges and opportunities of CCS/CCUS
  • Financing CCS/CCUS

Gain clarity on the end-to-end value chain, covering key economics, technology, and policies associated with CCS and CCUS initiatives. Learn more on the challenges of their implementation, including regulatory, public acceptance, and transborder CO2 concerns. The webinar will also cover potential market opportunities and size of CCS/CCUS investments, the cost, and their drivers.

Slides presented during the webinar is available here.